Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ent3 is a place that can hypnosis you....zZZZ

Arrived APIIT at around 12.20..
i'm about 20min late to meet andy,yan,hoong and adrian for lunch...
We decided to go Sri Kembangan's Restaurant Yoke Heng to have our lunch...
These are the dishes:

Signature Taufu

Herbal Chicken

Fried Vege

Flammable Pork Rib

The bill

I remembered when 010109 new year that day
at this restaurant saw Ron Ng 吳卓羲 (HK TVB artist)...


After lunch, we go back ENT3 to go for our class...
Today got 2 class...
1 is 13.45 til 15.45..The nex 1 is 16.00 til 18.00...
Wow...i can't disagree that the lecturer's skills of hypnosis us are really one of the best in the world...
Most of the us start fishing ewhen the class starts...
But not for me...coz i watching people fishing...
wakakaakakaka...(am i very evil?)

ok lar...
tats all 4 2day's post...
All the best~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trendy Man from Taiwan

It's finally arrived!!
I ordered Show's latest album 《潮男正傳 撐腰相挺慶功2CD版》 from Taiwan at the beginning of February.
It's with his autograph.

Full Set

A 'Passport' and Lyric Booklet with
His Autograph

Stage Merchandise

Main Cover(left) and CD Cover(Right)

Inside of the 'Passport'. It says when you show
this to the staff when his autograph session,
you can take photo with Show closely.

Happy to get this.^^
Have a nice day, guys.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Back, So do KR

back 2 blogging world...

wat should i start first...?
oh ya...

Recently i''m crazy about a drama called 'Knight Rider'
There are few types of knight rider.


It is about an A.I. car called K.I.T.T.(Knight Industries Three Thousand) who created to help the agent to save the world.The current driver of K.I.T.T. is Mike Traceur who is a former army and former driver of a destroyer A.I. car called K.A.R.R.

Knight Industries Three Thousand-KITT(new)

Mike Traceur is the son of Micheal Knight. MIcheal Knight is the original driver of old KITT(Knight Industries Two Thousand).

Knight Industries Two Thousand-KITT(old)

The new KITT can transform into several mode.

Attack Mode(front)

Attack mode(Back)

Normal mode

and many more..Interested? must watch this series 'KNIGHT RIDER'

Micheal Knight and KITT(1982)

Mike Traceur(Son of Micheal Knight)(2008)